What is Overtime?

Overtime™ is a great tasting, precisely formulated, sugar free electrolyte replacement, performance beverage. Overtime™ provides time released energy while being low in sodium and high in potassium, replacing all your body loses during hard work and play.

Quality You Can Trust

The manufacturers of Overtime™ beverages have exemplary records for our sanitation procedures. In fact, all manufacturing facilities have been inspected and certified by The Texas State Department of Health and The Food and Drug Administration


  • Provides time-released energy

  • Has a beneficial amount of potassium to fight cramping issues that accompany heat stress

  • Has lower sodium content than the competitors

  • Does not upset your stomach when consumed frequently


Overtime was founded in 2008 with a primary focus on providing a diabetic friendly, electrolyte drink that would protect the wellness and safety of the workforce without restrictions. Since over 20 million Americans suffer from diabetes or are borderline diabetic, we decided to make all of our products sugar free. Additionally, because 10 million Americans suffer in varying degrees with hypertension issues, our products maintain the lowest level of sodium of any competitive products. Also, because potassium is the primary electrolyte that the body needs for hard work or play, Overtime was formulated with significantly more potassium than any comparable product on the market.

Initially, Overtime was only packed in unique, pre-mixed, sanitized three (3) or five (5) gallon bags. These bags are retrofitted for any Igloo cooler. Simply attach the bag to the hose fitting; screw the other end of the hose to the back of the cooler spigot; drop the bag in the cooler, and add ice—no mixing, no cross-contamination, no ice dilution, no waste, and considerable savings on the labor of mixing and serving. This innovative concept, in five great flavors (Grape, Orange, Lemon-Lime, Fruit Punch and Raspberry Blue) that are diabetic friendly, has led to more demand for product access. We now offer a 24 pack of ½ liter bottles; 2.5 gallon powders, the only sugar free freezer pop on the market, and our new single-serve powders called Shotz. To enjoy Overtime anywhere, simply add one of these easy to carry Shotz packets to a ½ liter bottle of water and shake.