Q: Do you have to buy new coolers to use Overtime™?

A: No. If you currently use IGLOO coolers, all you’ll need are our internal components that allow you to retrofit your existing IGLOO coolers. Our delivery system is only compatible with IGLOO cooler components however if you use a different brand cooler, it is possible to switch out the spigot to Igloo brand and not have to replace the entire cooler.

Q: Should you limit comsumption of Overtime™?

A: While too much of anything is not good for you, there is no need to limit your consumption of Overtime™. The founder of Overtime™ has on three different occasions, while participating in competitive summer sporting events, consumed a gallon of Overtime™ in 1 1/2 hours with no adverse effects.

Q: Can diabetics drink Overtime™?

A: Yes, because Overtime™ is sugar-free, diabetics and high blood-sugar individuals can drink Overtime™.

Q: What gives overtime™ the sweet taste?

A: Overtime™ is sweetened with Sucralose.

Q: Is the sealed bag food grade?

A: All products in the delivery system including the connector, hose, valve, and bag are food grade and are 100% recyclable.

Q: What happens if you don’t drink the entire contents of the bag in one day?

A: Simply pour off the melted ice, re-ice and drink the remaining Overtime™.

Q: How long are the contents useable once the bag has been attached to the valve?

A: Once the valve plunger is engaged in the bag, the contents will last 10  to 12 days.

Q:What happens if the product is frozen in storage?

A: There is no damage to the product if it is frozen, simply thaw and enjoy!