A couple of weeks ago, Melissa Brisbane at Overtime sent me a note to see if I’d like to try their re-hydration drink. The difference? Unlike Gatorade and many others, it has zero sugar and is low in sodium. I was really intrigued!... I find the Shotz more convenient to use since I don’t have to measure out a scoop and I’m less likely to spill any (and if I do, it doesn’t have sugar to attract ants). The Single Shotz are also easy to take with us if we’re going to be refilling the water bottles along the way...So Overtime is now my drink of choice.
Carolyn – The Boat Galley
If you drink any of the other "Gatorade" type drinks out there, you quickly realize that after drinking one or two, you can get sick to your stomach. Too much sugar and too much sodium. Overtime fixed that problem for me. It rehydrates me instantly and I can literally drink these back to back and I've never had a sick stomach afterwards. I am not diabetic, but I'm sure this drink would be very beneficial to someone who has to watch their blood sugar. I have tried every flavor of Overtime, and I think every single one of them tastes great. I know it's primary function is to rehydrate and replenish lost nutrients, but these taste great too. I find myself reaching for Overtime instead of soft drinks or other sugary drinks throughout my day because I love the taste and I don't have to have all those added calories that soft drinks have. I also drink these when I work out at the gym or when I'm doing cardio. The potassium in these drinks has kept me from ever getting cramps. I used to get cramps when I would drink water during a workout, but not with Overtime. I have been thoroughly impressed with every aspect of the Overtime product. It does exactly what it was designed to do. And how they possibly made a sugar free drink taste good I will never know, but I really enjoy the taste with all the benefits!
Love the flavors
Bought for a customer. They like it a lot and continue to reorder. Ships quickly also. No complaints at all.
Good product
Overtime products were ordered for our maintenance crews and it was very well received. Everyone loves the taste, not salty or overly sweet like the competitors sports drinks. All the flavors are good. Our site paramedic researched the ingredients and verified that this is the best product to replenish what you lose during working or exercising. There is a variety of packaging too - premixed bottles, 3 gallon powder pouches, and the Shotz that you can just pour into a water bottle and enjoy! Give it a try and you won't go back to the other stuff! Promise!!!
Super hydrating and great tasting!
We typically perform the majority of our work in a climate controlled environment; however, a few months of the year our business can require outside work, and, unfortunately those months are the hottest months of the year. It is essential for us to keep our employees hydrated and refreshed through these months especially since they are not used to working in these types of conditions.

Over the past few years we have tried different types of products such as Gatorade, bottled water and bottled PowerAde. Sanitation quickly became a concern with the mixed Gatorade and dispensers and the price of the bottled products soared out of control so we needed to find a better alternative.

After sampling Overtime™ at a Safety conference and seeing their one of a kind delivery system I invited them to our site to give out samples and to give an overview to our management. Everyone was impressed with the system, sanitation and the taste. It provides excellent hydration to all of our employees including diabetics.

This a great product and an excellent staff to do business with, recommend to all.

Ray Gaston
Peterbilt Motor Company
Peterbilt Motor Company
“We have experienced a reduction in overall hydration costs of approximately 30%. We utilize the Overtime™ product for electrolyte replacement and the water for general hydration.  

This system has significantly reduced waste and improved actual consumption rates.

It has also improved inventory management and the efficiency of distribution. I will add that we have not had a heat-related incident this summer and based on current practices and results,

I feel confident this product is an effective part of our "Beat the Heat" program.” 

Dana Irby, Project Manager
Zachry Industrial
Zachry Industrial