Heat related disorders are the number one threat to safety and health of the workforce, costing the industry millions of dollars in lost time, productivity, and profits. Vital for nerve and muscle function, electrolytes are responsible for the body’s hydration and blood pH. Electrolyte balance can become unstable during hard work and sweating, leading to dehydration. OVERTIME™ helps to prevent dehydration by replenishing the body’s water and electrolyte concentrations.

Should you limit consumption of OVERTIME™?

While too much of anything is not good for you, there is no need to limit your consumption of OVERTIME™. The founder of OVERTIME™ has on three different occasions – while participating in competitive summer sporting events – consumed a gallon of OVERTIME™ in 1-1/2 hours with no adverse effects.

Can diabetics drink OVERTIME™?

Yes, because OVERTIME™ is sugar-free, diabetics and high blood-sugar individuals can drink it.

What gives OVERTIME™ its sweet taste?

OVERTIME™ is sweetened with Sucralose.

Why Sugar-Free?

In 2015, there were 23.1 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes. Indirect costs resulting from lost work days, reduced productivity, and premature deaths total $50.1 billion. Since OVERTIME™ is sugar-free, it’s diabetic friendly.

What is your Return Policy?

All sales of OVERTIME™ products are final. Any OVERTIME™ products past the suggested “use by” dates cannot be returned. Returns will only be granted if product is damaged in shipment. To obtain credit for damaged product and order replacement product, please use the email form on this page or contact our customer service team. You will be asked to complete a damaged goods form and to provide pictures of damaged product for return processing. The customer service team will provide information to either return the product or dispose in the field.